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My cat has a limp and refuses to move?

My female cat, age 10, has suddenly developed a limp in her front left paw and refuses to move for most of the day and lies on her side. Sometimes…

ASKED BY Member 1242166 on 2/9/15
TAGGED limp, muscle, brokenbone, wontmove, yowling IN Health & Wellness

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Younger Cat Pooping While Walking/Playing?

Okay, this is kind of gross & maybe a little too detailed but I don't know if I should be worried? I have a 6 month old cat and recently she has…

ASKED BY Member 1238827 on 12/10/14
TAGGED litter, box, potty, younger, young, cat, girl, kitten, problems, pooping, irregular, bowel, movements, accididently, going, outside, the, litterbox, walking, playing IN Other Health & Wellness

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Should I fly my kitty overseas or rehome?

I have to move overseas and would appreciate any advice. I adopted my sweet kitty from a shelter two years ago. We immediately bonded and I have…

ASKED BY Member 1203341 on 12/8/13
TAGGED travel, flight, rehome, rescue, adoption, move IN Air Travel

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Moved house, female cat already there, I bought my 2 cats. All neutered, my female is being aggressive to her brother?

1. All neutered 2. Savannah is kept separate from tabitha and roco 3 tabitha and roco have been always close both now 1.5 years old 4. Since the…

ASKED BY Member 632411 on 10/26/13
TAGGED help, advice, aggressive, movedhouse, growling, hissing, related IN Aggression

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How does one go about moving multiple cats cross country?

my cousin's family is moving from the jersey shore to vegas, sometime in the near future. (house is purchased there, just need to sell the current…

ASKED BY (miss) sebastian on 2/25/13
TAGGED longmoves, multiplecats, moving, travel, cats, dogs IN Travel & Recreation

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Im moving and getting a new kitty (I already have a 2 years old cat). What should I do first?

Hi, im moving from my big parents house to a small flat, so Im taking my adorable two years old female cat (Coco) with me. I know this is going to be…

ASKED BY Member 1156342 on 2/21/13
TAGGED move, newkitty IN Socialization

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