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My 8y.o. male, neutered cat has started crying a lot. It sounds like something is wrong, but nothing is. Any thoughts?

He vocalizes sometimes anyway and I am used to that. This sounds like something is wrong, or he is bringing us something, or he has gotten shut in…

ASKED BY Member 1172295 on 5/27/13
TAGGED health, crying, behavior, morevocalizing IN Noisiness

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How to convince parents to get a cat for me?

I have done everything to get a cat. Research,presentations you name it, but my dad will not agree to get a cat. My mom is okay with it, and has tried…

ASKED BY Member 1146686 on 12/26/12
TAGGED adoption, cat, american, short, hair, dad, not, agree, to, cat, no, more, ideas, will, pay, for, it, please, help, me IN Choosing the Right Pet

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Why is my cat hissing and biting me and not wanting to be near me now that we live with my boyfriend, but is into him?

I've had my cat Nikki for 3 years. She was about 3 when I got her from friends. It has been just us until we moved in with my boyfriend and his 2 cats…

ASKED BY Member 1038651 on 12/2/12
TAGGED behaviorchange, hissing, biting, move, morecats IN Aggression

Black Thorne

My 3 year old cat is eating a lot more than usual - I'm not sure if it's because winter is coming up or what…

In everything else he is behaving completely normally. My father said it's because winter is coming up, but I'm not sure if that's the case. Is this…

ASKED BY Black Thorne on 7/31/11
TAGGED food, eating, more, normal, weight, amount IN Health & Wellness

Madison Jewels (RIP)

How do I get my cat to be more active?

My cat Madison is 3 almost 4 years old and I think, she would like it here more if me and her had something to do together. I feed her, pet her…

ASKED BY Madison Jewels (RIP) on 6/27/10
TAGGED more, active, cat, madison, domestic, shorthair, toys, play, kitty, bond, love, owner, affection IN Behavior & Training

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Is my cat ill or is this normal?

Hi My 14 month old cat Lucy, has recently, in the last week begun to drink a lot more water than usual and is also eating more dry food (she has both…

ASKED BY Member 934437 on 12/31/09
TAGGED whyismycateatinganddrinkingmorethanusual IN Food & Nutrition


Conflicted on adopting any suggestions?

So I got Ayla about a month ago, she was a feral cat that I adopted when she was found outside at only 4 weeks old. She is absolutely the loveof my…

ASKED BY Ayla on 11/7/09
TAGGED morecats IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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