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Please help! Need Advice ASAP?

We got some softpaws on my kitties claws not terribly long ago, but long enough. And she has been quite flustered about it. She does leave them…

ASKED BY Member 1221022 on 11/8/14
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How can I convince my Dad to get me a cat ? I've done everything ?

So my Mom is fine with having a cat but my Dad isn't ! I've wrote a paper , done a PowerPoint done soooo much research but nothing worked ! I don't…

ASKED BY Member 1146684 on 12/26/12
TAGGED cats, please, dad, not, allowed, money, american, dad, mom, house IN Choosing the Right Pet

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My cat has stopped eating and I do not have enough money for a vet, any possible suggestions?

My 4 year old chunkyish female cat threw up a LOT 2 days in a row, for the last 3 days after she's stopped eating or drinking. I wish I could take her…

ASKED BY Member 1120674 on 7/14/12
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I caught my cats eating half a squirrel. I have no money for the vet.How much do rabies shots cost? Should I be worried?

My cats are outside cats and I caught them eating half a squirrel! I have no money to get them checked up at the vet! Please answer this question! I…

ASKED BY Pantera on 9/1/11
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Is there any over the counter medicine for kittens with weepy eyes?

My nieghbor has a 10 week old kitten, and it has runny eyes that seem to close up and have to be wiped and cleaned often.He does not have the money to…

ASKED BY Member 637568 on 6/30/08
TAGGED oozingeyes, weepingeyes, overthecountereyemedicine, helphavingkittenseen, nomoneytopayforvetvisit IN Health & Wellness

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Vet won't let me take him home, I need advice, please?

I took my cat to the vet on Sat. He has a urinary tract infection- and it's fixed. They told me Monday that I need to come get him. Everything was…

ASKED BY boo mcq on 12/26/07
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