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Nursing cat tolerates ferret. Why?

My cat normally hates my ferret. Now that she's nursing kittens she tolerates him. She even lets him crawl on top of her and her kittens (even while…

ASKED BY Member 1245016 on 4/11/15
TAGGED cat, mom, mother, kittens, love, ferret, tolerate, nursing IN Other Behavior & Training

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Last night my cat "Kitten" woke up, jumped in the air and RAN out of our bedroom, scratching me badly in the process.…

Last night "Kitten" woke up, jumped in the air and RAN out of our bedroom, scratching me badly in the process. I thought the dog had freaked him out…

ASKED BY Member 1242237 on 2/11/15
TAGGED paranoia, scratches, kittyxanex, bloodeverywhere, catattack, angryhusband, worriedcatmom, toxicology IN Behavior & Training

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Urgent! A stray cat gave birth in our garden about 12 weeks ago and now she gave birth again half an hour ago BUT?

Now the mom is breastfeeding the older ones and not the new borns!! I'm scared she might leave her newborns! Is it normal for her to leave her…

ASKED BY Member 1230113 on 7/23/14
TAGGED newborns, momleavingherkittens, olderkittens, urgent IN Kittens


My male cat sometimes freaks me out. He just sits and stares at me?

He mostly does it when I'm sitting in the chair with my feet on the ottoman. I look down and he is just staring, like he sees right through me…

ASKED BY Fred on 7/9/13
TAGGED isitnormalforcatstostareattheirmoms IN Behavior & Training


Aggression issues?

I have a four year old female cat named Bebe, and we have five other cats. One of the cats is a kitten of hers, who isthree years old. The mom…

ASKED BY Bebe on 5/25/13
TAGGED aggression, attacking, adult, mom IN Aggression

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My cat has a thymoma. Is there a cure or a treatment for it? It causes fluid in the chest and hard breathing?

ASKED BY Member 1157240 on 2/27/13
TAGGED thymoma IN Cancer


My mom fell in love with a man who doesnt like cats. I hissed but my mom's boyfriend didn't understand to stop so I bit?

and scratched him. I am 7 yrs old and have also been aggressive with others in the family, I am like an attack cat. I am extremely loyal and…

ASKED BY Jenny on 2/10/13
TAGGED momlovesaggressivecat, boyfrienddoesnt IN Answers

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How can I convince my Dad to get me a cat ? I've done everything ?

So my Mom is fine with having a cat but my Dad isn't ! I've wrote a paper , done a PowerPoint done soooo much research but nothing worked ! I don't…

ASKED BY Member 1146684 on 12/26/12
TAGGED cats, please, dad, not, allowed, money, american, dad, mom, house IN Choosing the Right Pet

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