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My 4y/o, indoor cat has an irregular mole-like growth on the bridge of his nose that has grown rapidly to about 1.5 cm?

He is ginger and white and hasn't been outside except for transport. No other cats, just 2 healthy dogs. No new meds, food or environment. It…

ASKED BY Member 1144581 on 12/10/12
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Whats this mole like growth on my kitty?

My cat has a strange looking growth on one of his front toes. It looks like a mole. I raised him from a newborn and noticed it when I found him, it…

ASKED BY Member 881576 on 11/27/10
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Is it normal for cats to have moles or skin tags?

Lately I've noticed that my 7 month old Devon kitten has a few raised spots on her that closely resemble moles or skin tags. One is normal skin…

ASKED BY Ammy on 1/17/10
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