What is a high quality dry cat food that has large kibbles?

Alby was hit by a car a few months ago, He had a lot of head trauma, but after a week in intensive care, a couple of months with a feeding tube and…

ASKED BY Alby on 12/16/13
TAGGED largekibble, food, blind, water, missingteeth IN Pet Food

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Please help, my cat is badly limping but seems not to be in pain?

My cat recently disappeared for 3 full days which she never does so we were obviously worried sick and now she's finally came back she can't put any…

ASKED BY Member 1204323 on 12/14/13
TAGGED limp, limping, pain, missing IN Emergencies & First Aid

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New cat missing in house?

I adopted a one year+ old male cat yesterday from the SPCA. I have a small pug and a 14 month old son. My son, my fiancee and I all visited the cat at…

ASKED BY Member 1189356 on 9/10/13
TAGGED missing, inside, scared, litter, food IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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Why is my usually loud cat so scared and quiet?

Our female outside cat used to be loud, wouldn't let us do ANYTHING she didn't like. Like LOUD. Meowed for attention, got in our faces. As of…

ASKED BY Member 1183607 on 8/1/13
TAGGED quiet, lethargic, submissive IN Other Health & Wellness

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My cat has been missing for over 4 months :( is there any chance at all that she'll come back?

She's an outdoor cat and it was mid October that she went missing, so winter is in full swing. We live in the country and have looked everywhere for…

ASKED BY Member 1154320 on 2/8/13
TAGGED missing IN Health & Wellness

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My cat I missing and has been missing since 15 December 2012 . He is a boy cat 7-9 months . Will he come back . Is this?

My cat Roo is missing . He has been missing since the 15 December . He is 7-9 months old . He was a lovely family cat and was not likely that he would…

ASKED BY Member 1149890 on 1/14/13
TAGGED missing, cat, help, details IN Adoption & Rescue

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Timid adopted outdoor stray hides all the time.…

Hi there, I adopted a stray 8-11 yr female who is very timid and submissive. Took her to vet, treating all her physical issues and she's fine other…

ASKED BY Member 1136629 on 10/19/12
TAGGED strayfearanxietysubmissiveadoptionbehaviorrehabilitate IN Adoption & Rescue

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