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Cat hates me after giving meds for two weeks?

I recently adopted a tabby cat from the ASPCA, about 4 months ago. When I adopted him we had 5 more cats at home. He arrived and ended up infecting…

ASKED BY Member 1101363 on 3/21/12
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Any recommendations on a good flea medication i can get from a pet store?....would be nice if it also worked on mosquito?

it would help if the medication would also help get rid of mosquitos and ticks. i put flea medication from the pet store on my cats but 2 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1071518 on 2/25/12
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Cats grooming each other after haveing flea meds?

i put flea medication on my cats and they still groom each other. can they get sick from doing this? i bet it must taste bad but they just lick…

ASKED BY Member 1091320 on 2/11/12
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My Ten year old female cat just had a cyst removed at the vet, she has bouced back well why give her a antibotic?

My ten year old female cat had a cyst removed two days ago, the vet gave me Amoxicillian as a precaution, the first day I was unable to give it to her…

ASKED BY Member 1041661 on 7/20/11
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Francheska   alias Frannie

Can i use capstar on my cats for relief to kill fleas &protect with spot on? can't flea bomb cold no where to put cats?

How much time can elapse before using the spot on? Is it safe? It is too cold & I can't flea bomb my apartment as I have no where to bring the cats…

ASKED BY Francheska alias Frannie on 12/24/09
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Mysty (The Princess)

Fleas and other pests?

We go outside on leashes for walks, we are only in our own yard. Mommy is wondering if we need flea protection, and heart worm (she heard cats can get…

ASKED BY Mysty (The Princess) on 5/25/08
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