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Anyone familiar with 'Cat Bags' used to restrain cats for bathing, claw clipping, etc?

An ad came up while I was on Facebook and I thought I had bookmarked it but now I can't find it. It was for a particular brand/type. I'm looking…

ASKED BY Member 1047026 on 1/28/15
TAGGED grooming, products, clippingclaws, administeringmedicine IN Products & Tools

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How to deal with a neighbour's careless pet ownership. Call SPCA or mind my own business?

Our neighbours got a kitten around the same time we did. Ours was 8 weeks old when she arrived and theirs (male) appeared to be about 5 or 6 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1174920 on 7/25/13
TAGGED neglect, medicine, veterinarycare IN Animal Welfare

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My cat isn't responding well to medicine?

Hey kitties, my cat Mr Mow Mow hasn't been responding well lately to his medicine. He's been having little mr kitty pains and so I've been helping him…

ASKED BY Member 1156836 on 2/24/13
TAGGED kittyhelpmedicine IN Food & Nutrition

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How can I get my cat (who only eats dry food)to take liquid medicine?

The vet recommended giving it w/ baby food but so far its not going so well. I'm worried about mixing it w/ too much food and her not eating all of…

ASKED BY Member 1082813 on 8/21/12
TAGGED liquidmedicine IN Health & Wellness


Can epilepsy medication cause a change in litter box habits?

My cat Momo has been having a lot of seizures this past week. She was taken to the vet and had some tests done, but they couldn't find a cause for…

ASKED BY Momo on 7/13/12
TAGGED epilepsy, litterbox, sideeffects, medicine, phenobarbital IN Health & Wellness

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Whenever my cat is taken outside he starts to have seizures. These seizures end up being even up to 30+ min. Any ideas?

My cat is under a year and goes into extensive seizures that will pause and then reoccur. We have no idea what it is

ASKED BY Member 1103960 on 4/3/12
TAGGED cat, sick, seizure, help, long, medicine, year, pause, reoccur, extensive, ideas, need, pills, liquid, kitten IN Illness & Disease


Have a 7 yr.old male cat who has been on a strict urinary track infection diet for a couple of years now and was wonde?

The block for you're ask it is so small I'm not sure if I typed everything I needed and in the right context.However,I would like to know if my male…

ASKED BY Sykee on 2/24/12
TAGGED food, medicine IN Health & Wellness

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Cat with hard stool but won't eat anything but certain dry food?

So I have a 2 yr old Siamese/American short hair cat and he has never liked to eat anything but Hard food. I have tried giving him the canned food or…

ASKED BY Member 1094586 on 2/23/12
TAGGED food, constipation, hardstools, medicine IN Pet Food

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