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Does anyone know of anything to help a cat in heat? Spaying is not an option! (heart murmur)?

We recently added two rag doll kittens to our family. Tink is a very small female. When we took her and her brother in to the vet to get spayed…

ASKED BY Member 1124557 on 8/7/12
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Is there anything I can give my cat to settle his stomach?

my cat has an upset stomach..hes having diarrhea and he just doesn't want to do anything...I think it might be because I gave him wet food when he…

ASKED BY Member 1005232 on 9/22/10
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Ocd, blood disease and now asthma?

I got the greatest cat at the humane society about a year ago. He had ocd, a blood disease and recently has been showing signs of asthma. Why would it…

ASKED BY Member 640740 on 3/16/09
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My cat, zoe, has just been diagnosed with ibd and/or small cell lymphoma. she needs to take prednisone twice daily.…

which i had compounded into a tuna flavored liquid, because i thought it would be easier for both of us. wrong! she won't take it even when mixed with…

ASKED BY Member 754690 on 10/18/08
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Bloody urine on and off for the past year, has been to the vet and 3 rounds of antibiotics later, still has blood?

i am 7 years old and have been neutered at 6 months. i've had some psychological issues after mommy brought home my brood brother, mackey (4 year old…

ASKED BY squeaker on 10/7/08
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