My 14 y.o. cat just started transdermal hyperthyroid medication (methimazole,)?

and I'm wondering how fast it dries or if I have to worry about it rubbing off? We recently moved to a new apartment (a couple months ago) and…

ASKED BY Princess on 10/1/14
TAGGED methimazole, seniorcats, hyperthyroid, hyperthyroidism, transdermalmedication IN Medications

Nini Stephanie JoJo

Are some flea medications toxic?

I used a Costco brand flea control on my cat. It is a Kirkland product. My cat vomited and had diarrhea two days later. Could the cause be the flea…

ASKED BY Nini Stephanie JoJo on 7/25/14
TAGGED fleas, controlmedication, kirklandbrand IN Health & Wellness


High anxiety / nervousness issue?

Tess is a 7 year old, healthy, spayed female. She and Olivia got along great until one day, they didn't. i have no idea why. but things were…

ASKED BY Tess on 10/25/13
TAGGED anxiety, fear, medication IN Behavior & Training


How to give a skittish cat medication? I just can't catch him?

I have two cats. The first and oldest is Diego, a very loving and affectionate guy with no socialization issues. The slightly younger cat, Dewey, is…

ASKED BY Diego on 10/17/13
TAGGED skittish, medication, fleas, howto IN Behavior & Training

Guest Member Since

Does anyone know of anything to help a cat in heat? Spaying is not an option! (heart murmur)?

We recently added two rag doll kittens to our family. Tink is a very small female. When we took her and her brother in to the vet to get spayed…

ASKED BY Member 1124557 on 8/7/12
TAGGED heartmurmur, heat, spaying, homeremedies, medications IN Spaying & Neutering

Guest Member Since

My cat has a bunch of open wounds. I'm almost certain they're from fleas, but is it alright to put medication on it?

Like, neosporin or bactine? She normally gets pretty bad scabs and stuff around this time of year.

ASKED BY Member 1118225 on 6/29/12
TAGGED cats, scabs, medication IN Alternative Treatments

Guest Member Since

Cat hates me after giving meds for two weeks?

I recently adopted a tabby cat from the ASPCA, about 4 months ago. When I adopted him we had 5 more cats at home. He arrived and ended up infecting…

ASKED BY Member 1101363 on 3/21/12
TAGGED cat, mean, medication, meds, woodybaby IN Behavior & Training

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