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My cat is a old unaffectionate cat, is there any way to fix this?

So we've had my cat since she was a kitten, she's an all black domestic shorthair. She was spayed at a very young age. We've always held her, ect…

ASKED BY Member 1117149 on 6/23/12
TAGGED cat, old, mean, friendly, dislikesunknownpeople IN Behavior & Training

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Sweet cat turned mean..…

Heres the Situation: We got our female cat, Tiggy about 2 years ago. She was the sweetest cat and was very social and was always cuddling with us…

ASKED BY Member 1114068 on 6/4/12
TAGGED changed, mean, biting, scratching, jealous IN Behavior & Training

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Cat hates me after giving meds for two weeks?

I recently adopted a tabby cat from the ASPCA, about 4 months ago. When I adopted him we had 5 more cats at home. He arrived and ended up infecting…

ASKED BY Member 1101363 on 3/21/12
TAGGED cat, mean, medication, meds, woodybaby IN Behavior & Training

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Rocket, my younger cat, won't stop attacking my other two cats?

He is a male and our other two are females. We've had him fixed. He's almost a year old and we brought him home when he was about 2-3 months. He…

ASKED BY Member 1094704 on 2/24/12
TAGGED attacking, vicious, mean, male, female, training, unable IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my new cat hate me?

A cat showed up outside my NYC work building on the 4th floor fire escape. Someone let the cat in b/c it was cold outside and when I first met her…

ASKED BY Member 1085303 on 1/17/12
TAGGED meancat, cathissing, angrycat, scaredcat IN Fostering a Pet

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My cat was nice & suddenly she is mean to one of her brothers for no reason i can think of. (she hisses & growles @ him)?

She was nice until she & one of her brothers accidentally went outside... she is only nice to the one that did not go outside. Also- she now hisses…

ASKED BY Member 1071518 on 11/18/11
TAGGED suddenly, mean, months, cats IN Aggression

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Cat Bites, hisses and runs away from me, swats draws blood, etc?

My cat is somewhat antisocial, and lately whenever I try to go pet her or pick her up she hisses and growls, swats at me, whenever I talk to her she…

ASKED BY Member 1055427 on 9/12/11
TAGGED claws, bites, hisses, runs, mean IN Aggression

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5yr old female cat loves us, but is very mean to everyone when we have company. What can we do?

She won't go hide, just stays out in the front room growling, hissing, and swatting at everyone. We've had a few different people live with us for…

ASKED BY Member 1052525 on 9/4/11
TAGGED aggression, guests, mean, baby IN Aggression

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