Two days ago Sammy was throwing up really bad. It seems he ate something that he shouldn't have- perhaps a bug?

Today the urge to vomit has stopped. He keeps down water but won't eat at all and that is out of character for him. At meal time he is usually the…

ASKED BY Sammy on 7/28/08
TAGGED vomiting, refusingtoeat, mealtime IN Emergencies & First Aid

Mikey(B & W) and Roy

My cat Roy keeps butting in on my kitten Mikey's meal?

How do I get my Cat Roy to stop butting in on my kitten Mikey's meals? They get fed at the same time. I figured this would keep them both distracted…

ASKED BY Mikey(B & W) and Roy on 6/29/08
TAGGED mealtime IN Other Behavior & Training