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I'm worried about my kitten, Shannon?

Whenever I leave the room, and possibly shut the door, she freaks out. She's about 2-4 months old, I was out of the state whenever my friend's cat had…

ASKED BY Member 1243764 2 weeks, 3 days ago
TAGGED seperation, meowing, loud, anxiety IN Separation Anxiety

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My cat has started to behave strangely at night. Any guesses as to what's going on?

We don't have a cat flap in use at the moment (thanks to a stray getting in) so my cat has to claw at the door to be let out. The system works well…

ASKED BY Member 1243124 on 3/1/15
TAGGED nighttime, attention, outdoor IN Other Behavior & Training

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Is my living space too small for a cat?

The space I am in right now is 120 sq ft (I get really just my bedroom for the stuff that is mine). I know people say that any place is better than…

ASKED BY Member 1241823 on 2/2/15
TAGGED apartment, size, onecat IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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Anyone familiar with 'Cat Bags' used to restrain cats for bathing, claw clipping, etc?

An ad came up while I was on Facebook and I thought I had bookmarked it but now I can't find it. It was for a particular brand/type. I'm looking…

ASKED BY Member 1047026 on 1/28/15
TAGGED grooming, products, clippingclaws, administeringmedicine IN Products & Tools

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URGENT! I need a name for a male Tuxedo cat?

Later today we are adopting a male Tuxedo kitty at Petsmart named Boots, and we want to change his name to something less cliche. Please answer…

ASKED BY Member 1240453 on 1/26/15
TAGGED name, names, tux, tuxie, tuxedo, black, cat, white, paws, urgent, answer, petsmart IN Adoption & Rescue

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Why won't my 8 year old cat let us sleep at night?

My 8 year old cat Ghost will not let us sleep. It wasn't so bad when he was a kitten maybe once or twice a night. But within the last 3-4 years he…

ASKED BY Member 1241194 on 1/21/15
TAGGED nosleep, catwontletmesleep, crazycat IN Behavior & Training

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My three year old cat suddenly attacked my calf earlier while i was dying my hair. Could it be the smell of the ammonia?

He's very affectionate towards myself and my other cat, so i was very concerned. He's also been pooping in the bathtub if i'm not home for extended…

ASKED BY Member 1240788 on 1/14/15
TAGGED attackingseperationsmellchanges IN Other Behavior & Training


My cat went from having a healthy appetite to not eating at all.…

My cat is 7 years old, I rescued her when she was about 7 weeks. I took her to the vet for examination, shots, and to be fixed. Up till two years…

ASKED BY Cha-Cha on 1/14/15
TAGGED noappetite, feeding, meals IN Other Health & Wellness

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