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Rescued kitten?

I found a kitten 3 weeks ago I believe he was 6 weeks when I found him and I need some help. His litter box and food are upstairs he can get to them…

ASKED BY Member 61530 on 5/24/16
TAGGED demanding, crying, siamese, food IN Kittens

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Why is my cat so tempermental?

My baby girl Lilly has always been a bit tempermental but overall she is a very good cat. But she really likes trying to slip past you when you open…

ASKED BY Member 1249668 on 7/24/15
TAGGED outdoorbehaviour, tempermental, bratty, attitude, jumping, hissing, growling IN Aggression

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Helping cats adjust to a new home?

I unexpectedly took in 2 cats who were going to be thrown away by their owner. I have them in a spare bedroom with everything they need and I check on…

ASKED BY Member 1249511 on 7/21/15
TAGGED food, newhome, water, dogsandcats IN Adoption & Rescue

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My cat is defecating in random places out of her litter box?

Luci is an 11year old black American long hair female and just had her yearly checkup a few weeks ago. I keep her litter box clean and she both…

ASKED BY Member 1249492 on 7/20/15
TAGGED pooping, psychological, outsidelitterbox, singlecathome IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Help! My 2yo female is really cranky I brought home a 3 month old male kitten :(?

I rescued an adorable male kitten yesterday and brought the little fella home, I've been looking up how to go about with letting them adjust with each…

ASKED BY Member 1249461 on 7/19/15
TAGGED adjustmentcrankykittencathelp IN Socialization

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Leaving cats home alone on July 4th?

I live alone with 3 cats and I want to go out for fireworks tomorrow night but i'm worried about leaving my 3 cats here terrified. Part of me wants to…

ASKED BY Member 1248882 on 7/3/15
TAGGED fireworks, noise, homealone IN Fears & Phobias

Charlie ChaCha Jellybelly

My kitty has pancreatic inflammation and hyperthyroidism with possibly liver damage; need to recheck blood in a few week?

I have taken Charlie & Jasper to the Vet. I rescued them from the street a few years ago after my 20 & 18 year old cross the rainbow bridge. Charlie…

ASKED BY Charlie ChaCha Jellybelly on 6/23/15
TAGGED liverdetox, probiotics, digestiveenzymes IN Food & Nutrition


Why is our 9-mo old neutered male biting/mounting our 14-mo spayed female? Are they playing? Fighting?

Hi, all. This is my first post here. We have two cats, Shado (female) and Macho (male). Shado was adopted first when she was only a few weeks old…

ASKED BY Macho on 6/19/15
TAGGED male, female, hiss, meow, mount, straddle IN Aggression

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