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I got a new playmate for my old cat and now she acts strange?

This isn't what you think. new kitten comes home, old cat hates it and now hates the owner. My old cat (13 months old) was very lonely. I live in a…

ASKED BY Member 1248845 on 7/2/15
TAGGED playmate, behavior, affection, lonely, strange IN Behavior & Training

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Help family member with cat problems. Health issues but owner wont do anything about them. I dont know what to do. Help?

I am 20 I live with my grandmother and my two aunts the room I share with my cousins frequently is a hangout for there two cats which wouldn't be a…

ASKED BY Member 1247428 on 6/1/15
TAGGED problems, sick, cats, roommate IN Animal Welfare

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Should I get my 1 year old cat a kitten to play with?

Okay so I live with family now, who has 1 cat and 4 dogs. My cat is a little over a year old, and she loves to play. We are about to move into our own…

ASKED BY Member 1235817 on 10/17/14
TAGGED kitten, residentcat, playmate IN Other Kittens


Preventing male attacks on unneutered male?

So, the last question I asked was answered and I was happy with it but here's another question towards the same point. Long story short - my kitten…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/6/13
TAGGED unneutered, cats, male, kitten, attacks, attack, yuki, as, soon, possible, neutering, male, female, mate, hurt, injuries, owner, breed, yuki, outdoors, street IN Health & Safety

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Our *NEW* 4yr old Tortie kitty is Hissing at our 3yr old cat! Will this end?

We recently adopted a beautiful 4yr old female tortie from our Cat Society. Our 3yr old male has been super cool letting her explore the house…

ASKED BY Member 1167601 on 8/7/13
TAGGED hissing, newcatmates IN Behavior & Training

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Is fighting normal?

I'm fostering two four-month-old male kittens (both neutered). I've never fostered or owned cats before. My apologies if this is a silly question…

ASKED BY Member 82872 on 7/19/13
TAGGED males, littermates, kittens, fighting, hissing IN Aggression

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I am planning to get another kitten soon to keep my current one company. Is this wise, given the age gap between them?

Both spayed females, both Russian Blues, both from the same breeder. I was planning on getting the 2nd as a companion/playmate for my current one…

ASKED BY Member 1173069 on 6/1/13
TAGGED kittens, introducingkittens, playmates, companions IN Other Kittens

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Anyone with knowledge regarding non-contagious kitten diarrhea?

Hey There! I have been caring for 2 stray kittens since they were about 8 weeks old (11 weeks now). My goal is to foster them until they have been…

ASKED BY Member 1131123 on 9/17/12
TAGGED diarrhea, stray, littermates, worms, kittens IN Fostering a Pet

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