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Introduction help?

I have a 2 year old male maine coon tuxedo I adopted from the shelter about a month ago and I decided to get another one. I am currently trying…

ASKED BY Member 1214554 on 4/16/14
TAGGED introduction, cat, cats, mainecoon IN Aggression

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Opinion on my cat's breedp?

When we found him at the vets office we adopted him. He was ferel but over the years he has calmed down, but still hides. He is 11 yrs old and has…

ASKED BY Member 1155190 on 3/4/13
TAGGED mainecoon, bigcats, breed IN Maine Coon


I need help my cat loving peeps. Im coming to grips with Clyde being a regular household breed but ..…

I still believe he's a certain breed that I cant figure out. At first I thought Persian Himalayan mix then someone said maybe mainecoon since he has…

ASKED BY Clyde on 1/5/13
TAGGED help, breed, color, kitten, chocolate, point, smoke, mainecoon, domesticmedhair, smoke IN Breeds

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I'm attatching pics of myself because I'm curious what breed mix you think I might be?

My name is BooBoo and I trill like a Maine Coon, but have a deep purr like a NFC. I have tufts of hair on the bottom of my paws but no hair at the…

ASKED BY Member 1120200 on 7/11/12
TAGGED mainecoonnorwegianmountaincat IN Maine Coon

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My Maine Coon seems ti have a problem with his hind legs. From the knee joints they seem to splay outwards, is this nor?

He's just coming up to 2 years old. At first his hind legs didn't look too bad but as he's growing it seem to be getting worse. It doesn't bother…

ASKED BY Member 1108701 on 5/1/12
TAGGED hindlegs, bandylegs, mainecoon IN Health & Wellness

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