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How many grams of protein & phosphorus (min & max) should be in cooked homemade diet for CKD?

My cat has been on a prescribed COOKED homemade diet for two months. More energetic, playful, shiny coat, less dander, happy - but her creatinine…

ASKED BY Member 1229796 1 week, 2 days ago
TAGGED siamese, homemadefood, homemadediet, cookedhomemade, ckd, chronickidneydisease, oldercatdiet, proteinkidneys, phosphoruskidneys IN Homemade Food

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New kitten, old cat and new home?

My family has a 5 year old cat and we are thinking of getting a new baby kitten! My current cat is very territorial/scared, every now and then a…

ASKED BY Member 1211048 on 5/6/14
TAGGED newkitten, questions, newhome, madcat, oldercat IN Adoption & Rescue


Cat peeing on my things and my bed, what does this mean?

Zurri has always used the litter box, but a few days ago when i gave her a bath and sprayed her down for fleas she decided to pee on my back pack. I…

ASKED BY Zurri on 9/19/13
TAGGED spiteful_peeingpeeingmad_cat IN Behavior & Training

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Do cats get mad at their owners?

Tonight my male cat was chasing my female cat around. It was getting a little too rough and when I tried to swat him on the rear to get him to stop…

ASKED BY Member 1166379 on 4/21/13
TAGGED mad, cat, angry IN Other Health & Wellness

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Pinkies and feeder mice?

Does anyone feed their cat pinkies or feeder mice? (frozen) is it a good idea, nutritionally? Im also researching homemade food, but not raw. I'd love…

ASKED BY Member 1136795 on 10/21/12
TAGGED homemadefood IN Food & Nutrition

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My cat hisses and swats at its tail, doesn't eat wet food, and scavenges people food. Why?

We got this cat as a newborn, found in our backyard. She seemed to be abandoned, and now she's 8 years old with a couple of weird problems. She hisses…

ASKED BY Member 1083743 on 1/11/12
TAGGED hissing, tail, growl, growling, hiss, anxious, anxiety, angry, mad, people, food, not, eating, starve, scavenge, vomiting IN Aggression

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Can you make homemade relaxation spray for cats?

I have been told by many Catsters that using cat relaxation sprays will be very beneficial when introducing a new cat to my resident cat next week…

ASKED BY Hazel Basil on 1/3/12
TAGGED relaxationspray, homemade IN Health & Wellness

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What Can I do to get my older Cat to stop hissing at me now that we have a kitten in the house?

My cat has been extremely upset with me. We just added a new kitten in the household and She hates the cat. I tried socializing them in the living…

ASKED BY Member 1073580 on 11/28/11
TAGGED kitten, new, hiss, hissing, mad, angry, oldercat, oldcat, stuborn IN Behavior & Training

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