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My 5 year old cat has asemetrical lumps on either side of his spine back by his haunches. Can ANYONE help me define wha?

I asked this question 2 days ago. Might the reason that I haven't gotten a response because nobody knows what these lumps may be?

ASKED BY Member 1209896 on 1/18/14
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My daughter brought home a new kitten she was fine when she brought her she tried nursing and still tries to nurse from?

kitten has big lumps on her chest they dont bother her but is this from trying to nurse from older female cat that isnt her mother is she getting…

ASKED BY Member 1125738 on 8/14/12
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Why do people get on a website to ask what they should do when their cat should CLEARLY already have been to the vet?

SOMEBODY EXPLAIN THIS TO ME!!!! This is a site for people who LOVE their cats, right?! If your cat is sicker than you would allow yourself to be…

ASKED BY Member 796903 on 1/29/09
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