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My 5 year old cat has asemetrical lumps on either side of his spine back by his haunches. Can ANYONE help me define wha?

I asked this question 2 days ago. Might the reason that I haven't gotten a response because nobody knows what these lumps may be?

ASKED BY Member 1209896 on 1/18/14
TAGGED awemetricallumpsoneithersideofspinebackbyhaunches IN Health & Wellness

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Fur clumping/bump after vaccines... normal or not?

My 4 year old black, outdoor cat recently (3-4 weeks ago) got his annual vaccines. He requires 2 extra for being an outdoor cat and he received the…

ASKED BY Member 1192791 on 10/3/13
TAGGED vaccinations, vaccines, clumping, pain, fur, tumor IN Vaccinations


Kitten has a big bump on her face near eye. PIC?

Hello, lately Ive been noticing my kitten and she seems very lonely, she hides and rarely eats, and this morning when I was playing with her I noticed…

ASKED BY gatitababy on 9/11/13
TAGGED bump, swollen, eye, alone, scared, scab, lump, infection IN Health & Safety


My cat has swollen and hard areas under her teats. Should I be worried?

My 2 year old female Moxxi is letting the new kitten I adopted try to nurse. But... Moxxi is not pregnant, and has never been pregnant. She now has…

ASKED BY Moxxi on 7/2/13
TAGGED health, swollen, lump IN Health & Wellness

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My 4y/o, indoor cat has an irregular mole-like growth on the bridge of his nose that has grown rapidly to about 1.5 cm?

He is ginger and white and hasn't been outside except for transport. No other cats, just 2 healthy dogs. No new meds, food or environment. It…

ASKED BY Member 1144581 on 12/10/12
TAGGED mole, lump, indoor IN Skin Problems

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A stray kitten I found a week ago developed today a huge soft lump on the left side of his body. Please help. Thanks?

I took the kitten to the vet about a week ago. It had various problems and was treated. This lump is newly developed tonight. I'm broke and can't take…

ASKED BY Member 1142274 on 11/25/12
TAGGED kitten, lump, swollen IN Health & Wellness

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My daughter brought home a new kitten she was fine when she brought her she tried nursing and still tries to nurse from?

kitten has big lumps on her chest they dont bother her but is this from trying to nurse from older female cat that isnt her mother is she getting…

ASKED BY Member 1125738 on 8/14/12
TAGGED biglumps, kittenhealth IN Health & Safety

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Lump on my cat's stomach?

My cat has a lump on her stomach that hurts when we touch her. I can't even pick her up. She hissed at her brother that was trying to play with her…

ASKED BY Member 1109567 on 5/6/12
TAGGED lump, hurt, injury IN Health & Safety

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