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Bluebell My Cat Issues She does not come when called She rarely sits on my lap?

Bluebell My Cat Issues She does not come when called She rarely sits on my lap. She will be loving and sleep on my lap and rub her head on my…

ASKED BY Member 1215454 on 3/11/14
TAGGED loving, food, skittish IN Behavior & Training

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My cat is nice around my feet but will claw my hands (8 months)?

My cat is 8 months and I've raised her from a kitten to where she is now. Very loving cat but I can never be around her because of an odd issue I have…

ASKED BY Member 1209009 on 1/11/14
TAGGED claw, handslegs, loving, months, claws, blood, trust, issue IN Separation Anxiety

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Convince them that they're not "unloving"?

So, I want to get a cat, my mom doesn't want an animal (but will consider it in a few months), and my dad wants a dog. He is adamantly against getting…

ASKED BY Member 1139287 on 11/11/12
TAGGED convince, loving IN Adoption & Rescue

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My cat is extremely affectionate and needy. It has gotten worse over the past 8 months and its driving me insane. Help?

Its getting to the point where I literally can't sit down without him climbing and meowing allover me. He is roughly 8 in human years, and is a…

ASKED BY Member 1137083 on 10/22/12
TAGGED behaviour, affectionate, loving IN Behavior & Training

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My cat used to cuddle and like to be loved when she was little fast forward a year and now she doesn't want to be held?

Athena used to like being held and loved. Now she wants down asap. I can not get her to let me hold her or pet her very much at all. Just for a few…

ASKED BY Member 1130107 on 9/10/12
TAGGED loving, petting, holding IN Socialization

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Help finding a home in Brighton, Howell Mi area for two kitties:)?

Please adopt two kitties,,, my sister is moving into apt and can't have them... they are use to the country setting and she is upset about the…

ASKED BY Member 1128032 on 8/28/12
TAGGED pleasefindahomefortheselovingkittiesmeow IN Kittens

Danny (Danish Mittens)

How do I make my cat love me again?

My cat used to love me very much when he was a baby, but now i'm the only one he doesn't purr for. He either is very agressive in my arms or just lays…

ASKED BY Danny (Danish Mittens) on 7/25/10
TAGGED loving IN Aggression


My little Ollie isn't loving us?

My little one Ollie is about 12 weeks and doesn't like to be touched, picked up, or fed treats. He doesn't show the signs of affection that his…

ASKED BY Bean on 6/26/10
TAGGED loving, interacting, socializing IN Kittens

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