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My Cat won't stop meowing (and loudly), he has become highly co-dependent?

My Cat won't stop meowing (and loudly), he has become highly co-dependent (ie if I stop rubbing him he begins to meow, I can still be sitting right…

ASKED BY Member 1034482 on 12/7/14
TAGGED meow, cries, loud, constant, cat, codependent, confused IN Behavior & Training


Since daylight savings, we have had a hard time dealing with our cat in the early hours - normally 2-5am?

My 16 month old male DSH has never given us any problems with sleeping before. In September, he got very sick and we had to elect to go ahead with a…

ASKED BY Eames on 12/5/13
TAGGED night, loud, sleep, changes, behavior IN Other Behavior & Training


More talkative than usual?

Tobey is a 15 month old cat, and I got him right before he turned one year. He's always been a bit talkative, but lately its non-stop. AND LOUD. My…

ASKED BY Tobey on 9/29/13
TAGGED meowing, noise, loud IN Behavior & Training

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Heeelp.. my deaf cat starts crying in the middle of the night ?

My white cat Moby has been deaf since I adopted him when he was just 8 weeks old, he is now 3 and a half years. He has lived with my dad for the…

ASKED BY Member 1155798 on 2/18/13
TAGGED crying, loud, deaf, white IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my cat pull out her fur on her tummy and on both lower legs? She has bad poops and I have no money to go to vet?

I know that many people have answered these kinds of questions before. Firsts I'd like to say that my cat doesn't have worms. We have already had that…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
TAGGED food, pull, out, fur, hair, skinny, small, slender, cat, kitten, female, stress, poop, smell, bad, squirts, liquid, loud, meow, cries, cry, moving, licking, over, grooming, hates, picked, up, diet IN Illness & Disease

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We recently adopted a 12 week old kitten. Wont stop meowing. It is so loud and annoying?

He has a clean bill of health and usually does it when HE leaves the room and at night time. We've tried ignoring it as to not enforce the bad…

ASKED BY Member 1140196 on 11/11/12
TAGGED meow, constant, loud, attention IN Noisiness

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My 4 Month old kitten cries too much! How can I quiet him some?

My 4 Month old male kitten cries a LOT! He has food, and clean litter, and lots of attention, and sometimes he will just go on and on for no reason…

ASKED BY Member 1137803 on 10/26/12
TAGGED noise, obnoxious, loud, kitten IN Behavior & Training

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Tonkinese male cat wont stop meowing - some of the day and all night. It's driving us all crazy?

Our tonkinese male cat wont stop meowing - day and night. It's getting so bad that we are thinking of selling him - although this is…

ASKED BY Member 939908 on 1/20/10
TAGGED cat, meowing, shutup, behaviour, malecat, noisycat, loudmouthcat IN Behavior & Training

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