How to tell if a cat is missing...? And what to do if he is?

Earlier this afternoon & tonight there's been a cat meowing outside my window. I don't think he's in heat; no 1 in the building where I live has a cat…

ASKED BY Bashō on 1/20/15
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Is there anyway I can help find my cat's lost kittens?

I have been looking after a stray cat since she was born and recently fell pregnant. 2 weeks ago she gave birth to 4 kittens in my garden, we had…

ASKED BY Member 1231668 on 8/11/14
TAGGED lost, stray IN Kittens

Shu Shu

My 7 year old cat lost her top right canine tooth?

I found the tooth on the floor today - root looks like it's attached. I looked in her mouth and there is a huge hole where the tooth looks like it…

ASKED BY Shu Shu on 8/4/13
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My kitten got outside in a rain storm. She has never been out. Will she come back?

Angel is 6 months old and I adopted her in dec. she was born to a faro cat and acts like one herself. She got out in a rain storm and has been gone 18…

ASKED BY Member 1149734 on 4/19/13
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I can't find my cat!?!?!? Please help?

My cat was running on the backyard wall a suddenly her legs slided and she fall from there to the other side of the wall which was about 20-25 feet…

ASKED BY Member 1153879 on 2/6/13
TAGGED find, slid, deep, fell, lost IN Adoption & Rescue

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Lost cat in winter?

A six year old Medium Short Hair cat escaped from our home was chased by a car and is not lost for about 4 days. She has never been outside. I assumed…

ASKED BY Member 1117973 on 11/8/12
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Is there a good place/forum on Catster to post about a lost kitty?

My Mom's kitty went missing and we are heartsick. I am hoping the Catster family can help us spread the word and find her. Thank you in advance!

ASKED BY Pippa on 9/20/12
TAGGED lost, lostcat IN Forums

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