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I don't know why my 2 years old cat died please help me.…

My thai female went missing on 15th of july, i thought she was just on a walk around the neighborhood but she didn't show up no matter how much we…

ASKED BY Member 1249451 on 7/18/15
TAGGED cat, female, loss, death, thai, angora, mix IN Health & Wellness

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My kitten is almost 4 weeks old. He was developing fine, walking at 3 weeks, but now he cannot stand up on his own?

He is still with his mother, and he doesn't seem any different besides not being able to walk anymore and a bit of weight loss. What should I do?

ASKED BY Member 1247274 on 5/27/15
TAGGED kittenweightlosshelp IN Health & Safety

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The hair at the tip of my cat's tail is really short. Any idea why? See details for more info?

Hi, I have an indoor male cat who is about 4 years old. The tip of his tail, around the last inch, doesn't have regular hair like the rest of him…

ASKED BY Member 1246880 on 5/19/15
TAGGED tail, hairloss IN Health & Wellness

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My dogs have given my cat psychogenic alopecia?

I have 3 cats who are 15 years old. They grew up with dogs from the time they were kittens, but there was about 3-4 years since the death of our…

ASKED BY Member 1242141 on 2/9/15
TAGGED alopecia, psychogenic, hairloss, fur, old, stress, psychological IN Other Health & Wellness

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My 7 month old kitten has been vomiting the past few days...loss of appetite.…

My 7 month old kitten started vomiting her food a few days ago... I believed it was due to eating too much too quickly or maybe due to the hot to cold…

ASKED BY Member 1238337 on 12/2/14
TAGGED kittensickvomitinglossofappetitehelp IN Illness & Disease

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Have you seen weight loss or physical signs of health benefits after switching your cat to a canned only diet?

I know that canned food only diets are better for a few reasons. My cat has been on canned food only for about 2 months now and I haven't seen any…

ASKED BY Member 1238259 on 11/30/14
TAGGED cannedfood, weightloss IN Food & Nutrition

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How can I help my mature, finicky, allergic, and obese cat lose weight?

My cat is a 9 year, 16 lbs domestic house cat that i rescued off the streets when she was only 2 months old. She gained a lot of weight due to free…

ASKED BY Member 1092232 on 9/22/14
TAGGED weightloss, allergies, finicky IN Pet Food


Best things to feed starved cat? And how much, how fast?

I found my way home over 1 yr after I went missing. Mom took me to vet & I am less than 1/2 my weight now, plus my nails are way over grown & very…

ASKED BY Alex on 8/7/14
TAGGED weightloss, malnourished, starved IN Other Health & Wellness

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