Toki Wartooth

Does anyone have an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

We found Toki when she was just a 4-week-old kitten, lost and alone, so we really have no idea what her parents might have looked like. Almost a year…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/16/14
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   Toki Wartooth

Just wondering if anyone has an opinion on my cat's possible breed(s)?

She has slightly tufted ears (not on top so much, but inside), tufted paws, long thick fur, and a long fluffy tail. Her paws seems pretty small…

ASKED BY Toki Wartooth on 6/9/14
TAGGED breed, eartufts, pawtufts, longhair, darkbrown, blacksmoke IN Breeds

Don Piano

Anybody know what kind of kitty this is?

We adopted this beauty almost a year ago (he is now 1 year old). People that see him have all kinds of reactions: "Oh, you have a Maine Coon??" or "Is…

ASKED BY Don Piano on 11/8/13
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Will Herbie have long, medium, or short hair?

I know its always hard to tell but I adopted this goofball of a guy and was wondering if I should invest in a dyson vacuum lol. Either way I do not…

ASKED BY Herbie on 5/3/13
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Guest Member Since

Will my cat have short hair or long hair... Also has an eye issue?

I just found this little thing we don't know who the mother or father is. We have quite a few long hair and short hair strays around my neighbor hood…

ASKED BY Member 1117361 on 6/24/12
TAGGED eyeissues, longhair, shorthair, watereyes, gunkieeyes IN Kittens

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What breed of cat has long hair in winter that goes bald each spring in large patches, then grows in short hair?

Balding cat: my 2yr old long haired cat sheds all his hair in Spring. It peels off in large hair mats that leave huge bald spots with nothing but…

ASKED BY Member 1114434 on 6/6/12
TAGGED bald, longhair, balding IN Breeds


Applied Frontline to Flea on the first of month. Found an engorged tick last night on his upper lip, in the corner of m?

Flea is a long haired cat and Frontline was applied according to directions. Kitty is allowed outside, supervised and in fenced in yard. He gets a…

ASKED BY Flea on 5/18/12
TAGGED frontline, ticks, longhairedcat IN Grooming

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