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I got a new playmate for my old cat and now she acts strange?

This isn't what you think. new kitten comes home, old cat hates it and now hates the owner. My old cat (13 months old) was very lonely. I live in a…

ASKED BY Member 1248845 on 7/2/15
TAGGED playmate, behavior, affection, lonely, strange IN Behavior & Training

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Friend for my cat?

I have a 10 year old cat that we got from wood green a few months ago, he was very shy and its slowly coming out of his shell. We work 9-5 and not…

ASKED BY Member 1247292 on 5/28/15
TAGGED adoption, friend, lonely IN Choosing the Right Pet

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Not sure if my female cat will accept another cat. I got Mia 5 months ago. She seems very lonely?

The rescue group I got Mia from do not know anything about her past. She came in from a foster home. I work 8 hrs a day and rush home to her. She…

ASKED BY Member 1219103 on 12/22/14
TAGGED ismymialonelyordoessheprefertobeasinglecat IN Socialization

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Should I adopt a second cat?

I have an almost 3 year old fixed female. She has been in a house with another cat, 13 yr old male, and a dog since I adopted her as a kitten. I…

ASKED BY Member 1231682 on 8/11/14
TAGGED secondcat, lonely, adoption, bored IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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How to talk husband into getting another kitten?

I recently rescued a female kitten that the vet estimated to be about 10 weeks old now. She won my husband over and is now apart of our family. I…

ASKED BY Member 1199023 on 11/12/13
TAGGED kitten, lonely, bored IN Kittens

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I have a one year old domestic short hair who is a very clingy kitty?

Hi there, I have a one year old domestic short hair who is a very clingy kitty! She's constantly following me around the house 'chatting' to me…

ASKED BY Member 1193876 on 10/10/13
TAGGED clingy, meow, behaviour, lonely, sad, cat, cats, moody IN Behavior & Training


Cat needs a companion - do a add a kitten, or relocate a former friend?

So here's the back story behind it all: I have a 7 year old red point Siamese cat whom I took with me when I went off to college recently due to…

ASKED BY Rusty on 5/22/13
TAGGED lonely, relocate, moving IN Separation Anxiety


We go on extended vacations. Our kids are well cared for by a neighbor, but we worry they will pine for us?

The neighbor comes in 2 out of 3 days to feed and water, pets them when she can. We have 4, two young males that keep each other company and two…

ASKED BY Emma on 4/23/13
TAGGED vacations, leavingcatsalone, lonely IN Health & Wellness

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