How to live with Feline Cutaneous Asthenia?

Sirius is one year old and has Feline Cutaneous Asthenia. Since his diagnosis he has only had a few isolated incidents where he has had bad wounds…

ASKED BY Sirius on 4/30/15
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I'm moving my cats into my college dorm, it's small but I don't have a roommate. Is a dorm big enough for two cats?

I got Kourmai and Clementine at the same time a little over a year ago, now that I'm in college I miss them a lot; so i got permission to move them…

ASKED BY Member 1193822 on 10/10/13
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What the life span of indoor and outdoor cat?

Likeliest say a person lets his or her cat inside and outside anytime of the day how long can it live exactly like a regular cat can live 20yrs will…

ASKED BY sullivio on 12/15/12
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What food for cats that make them live longer life's that sell in petco or pets ores is the top best will make cat live?

The top best food will work 100 percent

ASKED BY Member 1123977 on 9/17/12
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Can a Rabbit and a cat live together when they are both 2 years old?

I have an indoor rabbit called Anna, she has free run of my house downstairs. I have been offered a two year old cat who is not wanted. Anna is a…

ASKED BY Rhea (In Loving Memory) on 10/29/08
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WE NEED HELP! Our mommy just moved us into a house with a dog who barks and chases us. How can they make him stop?

We will not engage the dog. We prefer to run and hide. Can mommy do anything to make us stand up for ourselves? We have a safe (dog free) zone in…

ASKED BY Member 615992 on 6/23/08
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