Charlie ChaCha Jellybelly

My kitty has pancreatic inflammation and hyperthyroidism with possibly liver damage; need to recheck blood in a few week?

I have taken Charlie & Jasper to the Vet. I rescued them from the street a few years ago after my 20 & 18 year old cross the rainbow bridge. Charlie…

ASKED BY Charlie ChaCha Jellybelly on 6/23/15
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Is it okay for healthy cats to eat liver health diet specific food?

My 15 y.o. cat just got diagnosed with slightly elevated liver enzyme levels, and the vet recommended putting him on Hills liver diet food. The only…

ASKED BY Princess on 3/6/15
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My 12 year old Bengal girl has always nibbled on Kleenex. She recently had blood work that showed elevated liver levels?

Could the Kleenex be the cause? Otherwise she's very healthy, albeit small/thin for her breed.

ASKED BY Airy on 10/14/13
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Liver level was too high?

My 11 year old cat has always had a sensitive stomach. We recently switched her to Royal Canin HP since our other cat eats that food and to save…

ASKED BY Member 1174710 on 6/10/13
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I have an 8 year old female cat who lost her voice 5 months ago. Voice came back, but began vomiting foam and bile. To?

Had an endoscopy to rule out any tumors or growths in the esophagus; abdominal x-rays were normal. Abdominal ultrasound showed development of fatty…

ASKED BY Member 1144219 on 12/8/12
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Kitten abdominal distension?

In Philippines,adopted kitten 2wks ago.Vet est'd b-day as 2/21.From when we found him had a distended belly.V. firm,& v. round.Thought it was partly…

ASKED BY Member 1029182 on 4/2/11
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Gagging with elevated level of GGT in blood test?

My Daddy brought me to the vet after he saw me kinda 'gagging' up small pools of clear saliva. Sometimes it would be when I'd wake up and take my…

ASKED BY Member 1018684 on 1/11/11
TAGGED ggt, enzyme, liver, gagging, furball, blood IN Illness & Disease

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