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6 month old cat pees outside of liter box frequently?

My cat is a 6 month old female. I have two other pets a male cat and a female dog and they all get along and love playing with eachother so marking…

ASKED BY Member 1150235 on 1/15/13
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I'm wanting to move my cat's liter box into another room?

I want to move the box into the bathroom instead of in the family room, will she be ok with this? I tried showing her that it's in a new place by…

ASKED BY Cierra on 10/26/10
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Baby Love

My Cat doesn't step all the way in the liter box and pees on the floor next to it?

I have a 3 year old snowshoe who will not step all the way into the liter box. She hangs over with her butt and pees on the floor. If she goes poop…

ASKED BY Baby Love on 7/14/09
TAGGED literbox, pee, behavior, peesonfloor IN Urine Marking & House Soiling