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My cat has a swollen jaw; what should we do?

My cat escaped last night, and returned early this morning with a swollen jaw. It started out swollen on mostly one side, but has now become…

ASKED BY Member 1119432 on 7/7/12
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My cat is losing weight, the vet thinks it could be IBS but i'm worried, can anyone help?

My cat (Baghera) is a 5/6 year old cross-breed male. He's been neuteured (years ago), wormed and has flea protection. Over the last 2 months or so, he…

ASKED BY Member 904762 on 10/25/09
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BUGS-RIP little baby, I miss y

Question about lethargic kitten and worms?

I've had my baby Bugs since around Christmas ; he was about 3-4 weeks old perhaps.(He was born to a barn cat who belongs to my boyfriends dad…

ASKED BY BUGS-RIP little baby, I miss y on 2/21/09
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My cat has been acting really depressed and lethargic after a flea infestation of our house?

I don't know if he's been eating or drinking because I wasn't home most of the day, but I know he's been grooming. Most of the time when I see him…

ASKED BY Member 293848 on 7/9/08
TAGGED fleas, lethargy, depression IN Illness & Disease