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My 15 year old kitty was recently diagnosed with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy. A few weeks before that she started becomi?

Medications tried: antibiotics, steroids (Prednisolone), Lasix diuretic, appetite stimulant (Mirtazipine) Tests done: ultrasounds on abdomen and…

ASKED BY Member 1216760 on 3/19/14
TAGGED hcm, dialatedpupils, limp, noteating, lethargic IN Health & Wellness

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Cat is lethargic, slow-moving, ears down?

Last night one of my cats started making coughing noises. I thought she was just going to hack up a hair ball, but that never happened and she was…

ASKED BY Member 1205518 on 12/22/13
TAGGED lethargic, cold, slow, sick IN Health & Wellness

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My 8 month old kitten is very lethargic, why?

I have an 8 month old kitten. She received 2 shots about a week ago - distemper and leukemia- and from that day on, she's been lethargic and won't…

ASKED BY Member 1194196 on 10/13/13
TAGGED kitten, months, lethargic, sick, help IN Health & Wellness

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Why is my usually loud cat so scared and quiet?

Our female outside cat used to be loud, wouldn't let us do ANYTHING she didn't like. Like LOUD. Meowed for attention, got in our faces. As of…

ASKED BY Member 1183607 on 8/1/13
TAGGED quiet, lethargic, submissive IN Other Health & Wellness

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Adult male persian cat isn't acting quite right. He's very lethargic and un-energetic. What does this mean?

I dont have a cat but I live in an apartment building full of cats that frequent my place. There's a cat outside right now and all i know for sure…

ASKED BY Member 1174856 on 6/11/13
TAGGED persian, adult, male, lethargic, food, strength IN Illness & Disease

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Does my kitten need a vet ASAP?

She is normally an active healthy vibrant 5 month old that plays all day with short naps in between but today she slept from 8 am til 7:30 pm, ate a…

ASKED BY Member 1134862 on 10/8/12
TAGGED shivering, lethargic, weakness, kitten, cat, sick, ill IN Emergencies & First Aid

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Abandoned 4 week feral kitten anemic, lethargic and underweight and vet suggests livoferol. looking for some answers?

Hi.. I have a 4 week old feral kitten, which i rescued 6 days back. she was severely underweight but was active and demanded milk.. I started her on…

ASKED BY Member 1132968 on 9/27/12
TAGGED week, kitten, anemic, lethargic IN Health & Safety

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