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My cat is sick and i need help?

my cat is a 2 yr old male orange kitty. he doesnt seem well today at all. i have noticed the past 2 days that his coat looks pretty dull and today…

ASKED BY Member 1140095 on 11/10/12
TAGGED vomit, sick, dullcoat, sleep, lackofappetite IN Other Health & Wellness


Update: Help! my cat lost weight rapidly.. I just got back from ER. They took a urine sample and said he has a kidney.…

infection. they gave him hydration (dehydrated even though he's been drinking alot!??) and antibiotic shot that lasts 2 weeks. they said it could…

ASKED BY Zippo on 4/3/10
TAGGED unsteadygait, lackofappetite, weightloss, kidneyinfection, confusion, wobbly IN Health & Wellness