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Recently my cat has been sneezing a lot. I think she just has a cold (no discharge) Anyone have any home remedies?

I do not plan to see a vet because it does not seem that serious. I just feel bad for her so I want to help in some way.

ASKED BY Member 1215620 on 3/12/14
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My cat got thin real fast and is acting strangely?

This started about 2 days ago. I started my fluffy kitty started getting real thin, it scared me, she was fine 3 days ago, but in 1 day, she got…

ASKED BY Member 1198453 on 11/9/13
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Katt is acting fine but hasn't passed string, we're at 66 hours in?

On Thursday night Katt ate just under 18" of hemp twine, it could have just been in pieces, there were some strands littered about - but I didn't…

ASKED BY Member 1188088 on 9/1/13
TAGGED cat, string, intestines, stool, gastrointestinal, obstruction, linear, blockage, kitty, ate IN Health & Wellness

Bijou (French for Jewel)

Anyone know how to clean the white dirty-looking residue from clumping kitty litter off of plastic carriers or plastic c?

Specifically, I use Scoop Away and Tidy Cat. I've got to wonder, if it's that hard to clean, what's it doing to the kitty's insides???

ASKED BY Bijou (French for Jewel) on 6/4/13
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Eye removal?

My kitty Isabelle got her left eye removed, she is still at the vet, but what should I expect/do for her when she gets home?

ASKED BY Member 1168032 on 4/30/13
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Our 2yr old cat is stressed and not interested in anything but outside. Does he need a friend?

Our cat is 2yrs old we got him from my Fiance's mom whom found him as a baby, nursed him back to health, and then declawed him in the front. She ended…

ASKED BY Member 1167601 on 4/28/13
TAGGED nonplayful, bored, kittyfriend IN Behavior & Training

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Recipe for cat treats please?

A nice couple that lives by me has barn cats. I like to go up there to look for them. I would like a recipe for treats so I can leave some.

ASKED BY Member 1166527 on 4/22/13
TAGGED barnkitty IN Treats

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