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HELP! I made an account, I don't know how to change my profile picture, and when I ask a question it says I'm a guest?

I made an account a few weeks ago, and I don't know how to change my avatar. Whenever I ask a question (like this one) I come up as a guest with the…

ASKED BY Member 1240453 on 1/26/15
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I'm moving my cats into my college dorm, it's small but I don't have a roommate. Is a dorm big enough for two cats?

I got Kourmai and Clementine at the same time a little over a year ago, now that I'm in college I miss them a lot; so i got permission to move them…

ASKED BY Member 1193822 on 10/10/13
TAGGED collegekitties, newhome, smalllivingquarters IN Other Health & Wellness

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How do i get my kitten to stop being so mean? and how do i get him to sleep at night?

we just recently found out or kitten is male. but he is so mean, with the biting chewing and clawing my furniture... he has plenty toys. the squirt…

ASKED BY Member 1143195 on 12/1/12
TAGGED aggressivekitties IN Behavior & Training

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Help finding a home in Brighton, Howell Mi area for two kitties:)?

Please adopt two kitties,,, my sister is moving into apt and can't have them... they are use to the country setting and she is upset about the…

ASKED BY Member 1128032 on 8/28/12
TAGGED pleasefindahomefortheselovingkittiesmeow IN Kittens


What is a good way to keep your cats paws warm in winter without using booties or socks?

My cats are outdoor cats most of the time and where we live, (the lovley Minnesota!!(: haha) and there is snow and ice all over the place. We were…

ASKED BY George on 1/21/12
TAGGED pads, cold, winter, snow, feline, cat, kitties, weather, hay, booties IN Other Health & Wellness

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Why are my cats fighting all of a sudden, how do i get them to stop?

I have a 6 year old cat named Spaz (12 pounds) and an almost 2 year old named Simba (6 pounds). we have had them since kittenhood. They have always…

ASKED BY Member 1033602 on 5/12/11
TAGGED help, fight, fighting, introducingcats, mean, angry, kitties IN Behavior & Training


How can I stop my cats from kicking so much litter out of the box?

My kitties like to dig a bunch before they decide they're ready to use the restroom, and they end up kicking a bunch of the litter out and onto the…

ASKED BY Cassie on 6/13/10
TAGGED litterboxkittieskickingoutlitter IN Behavior & Training

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I am taking care of a stray kitty that is friendly and I need help?

he is older and keeps getting injured i was letting him live in my basement but I can no longer do so. I am attempting to find either a barn or a home…

ASKED BY Member 412060 on 2/16/09
TAGGED barnkitties, resourcesforadption, massachusetts IN Other Adoption & Rescue

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