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Hi. My beautiful new kitten (now 9 months and HUGE) terrorizes my other cat (8 years old). He is always biting her :(?

He is already much bigger than she is. She is sickly (being treated for eosophilinic granuloma & asthma) and the sweetest cat in the world. He too…

ASKED BY Member 1233992 2 weeks, 2 days ago
TAGGED bullyingbitingexcessenergyjealousyaggression IN Aggression

Walter White

Feline jealousy! What do we do if the new cat's fine, but the original one is struggling with acceptance?

My boyfriend and I adopted our cat Walter when he was 3 months old, and he recently saw his 1st birthday. He's neutered, always been extremely…

ASKED BY Walter White on 10/22/14
TAGGED socialization, newcat, jealousy, fear, defensiveness, territorial, hissing, behavior IN Socialization

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My (roughly) year and a half stray cat has turned on the 3 remaining kittens (boy and 2 girls)?

My (roughly) one and a half year old stray cat has turned on the 3 remaining kittens (boy and 2 girls) all have now been neutered. Tried feliway and…

ASKED BY Member 1214010 on 3/3/14
TAGGED jealousy, aggression IN Behavior & Training

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What to do about older cat; He acts weird with new kitten around?

The girlfriend and I got a new kitten; She is about half a year old. We were very careful because her roomate (they share a 2 bedroom apartment) has a…

ASKED BY Member 1193307 on 10/7/13
TAGGED integration, newcat, jealous, anxious, stress IN Socialization

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I got a kitten last fall n I had a 3 yr old male. The kitten is female. Just recently they started fighting bad. He hurt?

I want to protect her but I think my love for her is making it worse.

ASKED BY Member 1155982 on 2/19/13
TAGGED fighting, jealousy IN Other Behavior & Training

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My old cat doesnt like the new one, so she shows it by peeing/pooping where its obvious. How do I get her to stop?

I have had Maggie for about 6 years now, but she really doesnt like our new kitten. Before we got her, she was a skittish cat helpless in a house full…

ASKED BY Member 1143249 on 12/1/12
TAGGED kitten, oldcat, jealousy IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Cat envy?

We have two cats that were raised together, and we got them about a month ago. One of them lost her eye about 6 months ago, and we've noticed that…

ASKED BY Member 1141970 on 11/23/12
TAGGED disability, jealous IN Aggression

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Sweet cat turned mean..…

Heres the Situation: We got our female cat, Tiggy about 2 years ago. She was the sweetest cat and was very social and was always cuddling with us…

ASKED BY Member 1114068 on 6/4/12
TAGGED changed, mean, biting, scratching, jealous IN Behavior & Training

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