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My kitten has a new habit of peeing on my bed...HELP?

Ive had my kitten for about 3 weeks now and she is 3-4 months old and is spayed. She has gotten in the habit of peeing on my bed as of almost 2 weeks…

ASKED BY Member 1242284 on 2/12/15
TAGGED peeing, behavior, kitten, training, habits IN Urine Marking & House Soiling

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Help get Vinny to use his cat scratcher?

Hello all! I recently adopted a 5 year old part-siamese named Vincent. He has been an awesome addition so far. Only problem is he has taken to…

ASKED BY Member 1207004 on 1/1/14
TAGGED scratching, carpet, toys, behavior, badhabits, adult IN Behavior & Training

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Why does my cat only eat freshly scooped food?

I have a one and a half year old female domestic short hair. She has always been very particular about her eating habits, but until now I never…

ASKED BY Member 1196930 on 10/30/13
TAGGED eatinghabits, food, water, eating, picky IN Other Food & Nutrition


My cat is weird about water.…

We have had many different types of bowls/dispensers of water, but nothing is working! She snorts up water all the time, she literally has a hard…

ASKED BY MyCat on 9/30/13
TAGGED water, food, habits, trouble, problem IN Food & Nutrition

Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud

Would a raised dish help my older cat eat more?

I'm Molly. I'm "about 10" (a lady never tells!) with early signs of kidney failure, and my carer is concerned that I might have something called…

ASKED BY Good Golly Miss Molly Mo McCud on 2/1/13
TAGGED seniorpet, arthritis, feeding, jointpain, eatinghabits IN Senior Pet

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My 5 yr old tuxedo 'retired' male LOVES to eat cantaloupe and blueberries. Is this healthy? Is it strange?

We have had him since he was about 7 weeks old. He thinks he is human.

ASKED BY Member 1150571 on 1/17/13
TAGGED fruit, eatinghabits IN Food & Nutrition

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