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Cat having odd symptoms, possible stroke, vet doesn't know what's wrong, anyone experience these symptoms?

Few days ago my cat choked on her dry food twice in one day to the point that I had to hit her side to force the food out. Next day her left eye…

ASKED BY Member 1245368 on 4/17/15
TAGGED stroke, neurologicalissues, twitching, mouthbreathing, oddsymptoms IN Health & Wellness

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HELP I've never been this upset in my life - my newly adopted female cat got out outside and we can't find her anywhere?

I have no idea how, but my 8 mo female spayed cat got out. Neither of us saw her get out, but we were doing spring cleaning all I can think is that…

ASKED BY Member 1243128 on 4/17/15
TAGGED lost, female, spayed, missing, indoorcatgotout, gotout, indoorcat IN Loss of a Pet

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8 week old cat has all of a sudden stopped being affectionate+ he wont stop meowing but we're doing everything for him?

I recently got a healthy boy kitten (2 weeks ago) and at first he was very affectionate and loving but a week ago his behaviour changed.Im getting…

ASKED BY Member 1245266 on 4/16/15
TAGGED behaviour, kitten, isolated IN Kittens


Inappropriate Urination?

Need some advice on a cat with inappropriate urination issues. This is a 2 year old female cat who has been sometimes urinating outside her box…

ASKED BY Ophelia on 4/2/15
TAGGED urination, urinalysis IN Illness & Disease

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What is the average price of a retired British Shorthair?

ASKED BY Member 1243535 on 3/9/15
TAGGED britishshorthair IN Adoption & Rescue

Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory

Feral cat brought in house and think I made a mistake ....what to do?

I believe I have made a terrible mistake and i don't know what to do....My beloved cat of 16 years had to be euthanized last week due to a thrown…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory on 2/27/15
TAGGED feral, stray, antisocial IN Choosing the Right Pet


Cat gets defensive when I try to walk past?

Yo! So my cat Monty who we've had since she was a kitten for about 10 years or so, has never been known as the... 'friendliest' cat but, we still love…

ASKED BY Monty on 2/24/15
TAGGED aggression, hiss, paranoid, defensive, attack, growl, grumpy, behavior IN Aggression

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