How do I raise funds to care for my rescue kittens and Startup Orphan Rescue?

My hubby and I seem to be magnets for abandoned cats/kittens and have decided to start our own kitten rescue. Problem is, we can't find people willing…

ASKED BY Katniss 17 hours, 13 minutes ago
TAGGED kittens, fundraising, veterinarycare, vets, rescue IN Shelters & Rescue

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Litter box + disease?

Hi, congrats on great site. We have 11 cats at home. They dont leave our apartment ever. THey dont have toxoplasmosis.

ASKED BY Member 1232669 1 week ago
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My cat just got done with a 2 week round of clindamycin, the vet said it was a genetic infection and now 2nd cat is sick?

brought home a Kitten and he ended up having parasites. he was treated and cleared, then the other kitten of 6 months got sick and had a genetic viral…

ASKED BY Member 1231473 3 weeks ago
TAGGED infection, contagious, geneticissues, clindamycin IN Illness & Disease


Best things to feed starved cat? And how much, how fast?

I found my way home over 1 yr after I went missing. Mom took me to vet & I am less than 1/2 my weight now, plus my nails are way over grown & very…

ASKED BY Alex 3 weeks, 1 day ago
TAGGED weightloss, malnourished, starved IN Other Health & Wellness

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Old cat, new kitten? (Both spayed and neutered)?

My family has had an orange tabby female for five years, ever since she was a kitten. She has been acting stressed and lashing out recently, so we…

ASKED BY Member 1231312 3 weeks, 2 days ago
TAGGED kitten, cat, growling, hissing, defensive, spayed, neutered, lashingout IN Behavior & Training

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How effective is the distemper vaccine?

About 3 weeks ago I adopted a kitten that unfortunately ended up having distemper and only lived for a few days once brought home. He was kept in a…

ASKED BY Member 1231039 3 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED parvo, distemper, vaccine, parvovirus IN Vaccinations

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Is it time to euthanise ?

Im so sad, i rescued a female cat 3 month ago we named her Samanta (we dont know her real age) she was wounded and weak, we took her to our…

ASKED BY Member 1230346 on 7/26/14
TAGGED help, sad, cat, illness, euthanise IN FIV (Feline Immunodeficiency Virus)

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