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Does my cat have a respiratory infection?

I have noticed sneezing and wheezing in my 2 year old cat, Georgia. She also has some weird clear liquid coming out of her eye. I have seen the liquid…

ASKED BY Member 1236002 on 10/20/14
TAGGED respiratory, infection, disease, cat, eye, eyes, watery, watering, sneezing, wheezing, sneezes, wheezes, pet, years, symptoms IN Illness & Disease

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My cat just got done with a 2 week round of clindamycin, the vet said it was a genetic infection and now 2nd cat is sick?

brought home a Kitten and he ended up having parasites. he was treated and cleared, then the other kitten of 6 months got sick and had a genetic viral…

ASKED BY Member 1231473 on 8/9/14
TAGGED infection, contagious, geneticissues, clindamycin IN Illness & Disease

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How little food is too little?

My little 4 month is sick with URI and lost his appetite. He eats 1.5 ounce wet plus tbs dry twice a day normally, but now will just about get 1/2…

ASKED BY Member 1211370 on 2/2/14
TAGGED foodfeedingsyringeinfectioncoldvirus IN Illness & Disease


Kitten has a big bump on her face near eye. PIC?

Hello, lately Ive been noticing my kitten and she seems very lonely, she hides and rarely eats, and this morning when I was playing with her I noticed…

ASKED BY gatitababy on 9/11/13
TAGGED bump, swollen, eye, alone, scared, scab, lump, infection IN Health & Safety

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How can I help my cat who suffers from chronic upper respiratory infection?

My rescued kitten had pneumonia, followed by a major bout with the caleci virus after a trip to the vet for the pneumonia. She was in isolation for…

ASKED BY Member 1187386 on 8/27/13
TAGGED chronicupperrespiratoryinfection, calecivirus, breathingdifficulties IN Other Health & Wellness

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My cat recently gave birth to kittens this morning I noticed one of her nipples has a white tip is this built up milk? I?

She does not seem to be bothered if one of the kittens goes near it or if I touch it nothing seemed to come out of it either.

ASKED BY Member 1176451 on 6/21/13
TAGGED cat, nurseing, nipple, infection IN Health & Wellness


Outbreak of infections in vaccinated/indoor cats?

Within the past two weeks, two of my cats have come down with infections. One had a mouth infection and he got treated by the vet. After he got…

ASKED BY Fritz on 5/25/13
TAGGED infection IN Health & Wellness


What should a Spay incision look like?

Belle was Spayed on Tuesday April 9th, 2013. I'm wondering what a normal incision should look like? Hers is a Pinkish color which it's been since I…

ASKED BY Belle on 4/13/13
TAGGED spay, possibleinfection IN Spaying & Neutering

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