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My13 yeat has always been indoor with balcony now living in house with garden and she wants to go beyond that will I los?

Will I lose her. She is neutered and has a sister that does not want to roam,

ASKED BY Member 1156126 on 2/20/13
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I'm moving... What should I do? help?

In a couple weeks I'm moving out of my parents house into an apartment, and I'm wondering what i should do about my cat. Baby is 9 years old, and has…

ASKED BY Member 1103043 on 3/29/12
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I want my cat to be an indoor cat but she keeps running outside what can i do to stop her f?

she's just over a year. i got her from the pound when she was 5 months. she keeps running out the door when it's opened and i don't want her to get…

ASKED BY Member 1031361 on 4/21/11
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I am wanting some tips, and advice on transitioning Ollie to become an indoor/outdoor cat?

We have been starting to let Ollie (almost 6 months) out into the yard on the weekends while we are at home, leaving the doors open so she can…

ASKED BY Member 840800 on 9/5/09
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My cat is inappropriately eliminating when I leave him overnight (never does otherwise). How can I break this behavior?

20 mo. old indoor/outdoor cat gone overnight (3 times in two months) poop in the house no litterbox issue, he uses the dog door to go out when I'm…

ASKED BY Member 851944 on 7/5/09
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