How can I make the adjustment to indoor life easier for my kitty?

My siamese cat, Meatball, used to be an outdoor/indoor cat. We recently found out he has leukemia, therefore he has to be solely an indoor cat now…

ASKED BY Meatball on 1/15/14
TAGGED outdoors, indoors, apartment, house, inside, leukemia IN Methods of Training

Austin Valentino loving memory

Moving to new home?

Hello all We are moving to a new home many miles from our current home and I need to know a couple of thingsā€¦.how to keep my cat comfy for the 4…

ASKED BY Austin Valentino loving memory on 1/2/14
TAGGED moving, sprayingindoors IN Behavior & Training


Breeding at 6 months?

Hi. My british shorthair kitten Yuki has finally reached the age of six months and we want to breed her. We found a future mate but he needs to be…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/5/13
TAGGED breeding, male, female, neuter, help, labour, kittens, cats, yuki, six, months, british, shorthair, outdoors, indoors IN Health & Safety


Help: My cat won't use the litter box unless its outside?

My cat Panda has fleas so I decided to not let her out anymore and just put her litter box in the bathroom. The problem is she won't use the litter…

ASKED BY Panda on 9/16/13
TAGGED litterbox, cat, urine, outside, indoorcat IN Other Behavior & Training

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How can I turn a cat that wants to spend so much time outside into an indoor cat?

The cat in question was born outside to a stray female (who we later had spayed) and lived his early weeks outside. He was the only one of a litter of…

ASKED BY Member 1029644 on 4/2/13
TAGGED indoor, outdoor IN Behavior & Training

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My13 yeat has always been indoor with balcony now living in house with garden and she wants to go beyond that will I los?

Will I lose her. She is neutered and has a sister that does not want to roam,

ASKED BY Member 1156126 on 2/20/13
TAGGED indooroutdoorcat IN Other Behavior & Training

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Indoor only cat questions?

Hi I am thinking of getting an indoor only cat as I live in a city environment. My question is, if I were to get one, would it get lonely or…

ASKED BY Member 1148538 on 1/6/13
TAGGED indoorcats, sanity IN Health & Wellness

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