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How to convince parents to get a cat for me?

I have done everything to get a cat. Research,presentations you name it, but my dad will not agree to get a cat. My mom is okay with it, and has tried…

ASKED BY Member 1146686 on 12/26/12
TAGGED adoption, cat, american, short, hair, dad, not, agree, to, cat, no, more, ideas, will, pay, for, it, please, help, me IN Choosing the Right Pet

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Whenever my cat is taken outside he starts to have seizures. These seizures end up being even up to 30+ min. Any ideas?

My cat is under a year and goes into extensive seizures that will pause and then reoccur. We have no idea what it is

ASKED BY Member 1103960 on 4/3/12
TAGGED cat, sick, seizure, help, long, medicine, year, pause, reoccur, extensive, ideas, need, pills, liquid, kitten IN Illness & Disease

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Can someone please help me with some nice ideas for cake, treats, presents, and decor for my cats b-day party?

can anyone help with cheap ideas for cat b-day partys because i wanted to make my kitty's 1st b-day special

ASKED BY Member 1063842 on 10/17/11
TAGGED helpwithideasforcatbdayparty IN Kittens


My kitten has diarrhea is there any way to get rid of it naturally?

I don't want to deworm him. How can I get rid of it naturally??? Only answer if you have good ideas please. Don't just say oh you have to deworm…

ASKED BY sinclair on 3/9/09
TAGGED dont, want, to, deworm, him, how, can, i, get, rid, of, it, naturally, only, answerifyouhavegoodideaspleasedontjustsayohyouhavetodewormhimthanks IN Kittens


How can i get rid of fleas ?

I would like to get rid of them without using toxic stuff. Plus i have used Advantage for my dog and it did not work. Do you have any idea's…

ASKED BY sinclair on 2/4/09
TAGGED iwouldliketogetridofthemwithoutusingtoxicstuffplusihaveusedadvantageformydoganditdidnotworkdoyouhaveanyideasthanks IN Grooming