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Rescued kitten?

I found a kitten 3 weeks ago I believe he was 6 weeks when I found him and I need some help. His litter box and food are upstairs he can get to them…

ASKED BY Member 61530 6 days, 12 hours ago
TAGGED demanding, crying, siamese, food IN Kittens

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Please help me to take the best care of my Cullen without upsetting him?

Any advice or tips welcome. My cat loves playing outside but he has injured his pelvis/leg and the vet has told me I have to keep him in 1 room…

ASKED BY Member 1259562 3 weeks, 4 days ago
TAGGED pelvis, legs, cage, immobility, vet, sadcat, depression, anxiety IN Other Behavior & Training

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Pee on fur after urinating?

Hoping someone can help me out. I inherited my mother's two cats when she moved to an apartment. They have their share of issues that Mom either…

ASKED BY Member 1257271 on 2/22/16
TAGGED incontinence, urine IN Health & Wellness


Constant licking of everything? ? Is this normal?

I just adopted another fur child around a month ago at the humane society. DLH black female...I've named her voodoo. She is a true lover! My concern…

ASKED BY Elsa on 1/16/16
TAGGED licking, ocd, adoption IN Health & Wellness

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Will be kitty be okay?

I have a beautiful kitty named Luna. She is 8 months old, spayed and has been living with me since she was just 8 weeks. Unfortunately, the last…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 1/9/16
TAGGED catfever, fever, ill, disease, catbite, lethargic, sleepy, sleepy, sleepingalot, catfight, vets, operation, antibiotics, fluids IN Health & Wellness


Can my 17 yr old, great health except" be allergic to her own bacteria? If it's hours old on chow? Never an issue till t?

She vomits both digested and undigested food, irregular timing. Anomaly all the way so far. Help

ASKED BY Shadow on 1/4/16
TAGGED vomit, health, toys, birds, allergies IN Adoption & Rescue

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My first kitty, a 7 year old, has started being super scared - could it be noncompatibility with my second cat?

After having Zipper, a 7 year old domestic shorthair, for about a year I got a second cat, a two year old girl, Snap. That was 4 months ago. They…

ASKED BY Member 1248898 on 12/30/15
TAGGED scared, anxiety, newcat IN Fears & Phobias

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Cat licked surgical glue?

My cat licked her incision site where there is skin glue to protect the wound but she licked some of it when I took off her e-collar. It is now red…

ASKED BY Member 1249225 on 11/15/15
TAGGED cat, spay, neuter, incision, female, male, operation, glue, surgery, operation IN Spaying & Neutering

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