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My cat is always hungry, no matter how much he eats. What's wrong with him?

My cat is 11 months old, I have had him since he was 8 weeks. He seems like he is ALWAYS hungry. It doesn't matter how much he has eaten or how…

ASKED BY Member 1214544 on 3/6/14
TAGGED food, overeating, hungry IN Other Food & Nutrition

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1 year old female cat won't eat after I brought my new kitten home, should I be worried?

I have a one year old female cat that I have had since she was 6 weeks old. We got a new 6 week old male kitten on Tuesday. My cat reacted they way…

ASKED BY Member 1178431 on 7/4/13
TAGGED cat, kitten, food, new, social, hungry, noteating IN Socialization


What should I feed my 8 week old kitten I rescued?

I am currently feeding Kiki Meow Mix for kittens and little cans of wet food. Is that nutritional for a kitten? She's really skinny so I'm trying to…

ASKED BY Kiki on 6/16/13
TAGGED food, skinny, hungry, meowmix, wetfood IN Pet Food

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Is my cat really hungry or testing me?

I just got a new cat, she is about 8yo and stays indoors, I have been feeding her like her previous owners did but she meows like I am starving her. I…

ASKED BY Member 1134126 on 10/4/12
TAGGED food, hungry, older IN Food & Nutrition

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Cat is always hungry, eats things off the floor constantly?

My cat appears to be always hungry. I usually feed her a 1/3 of a cup of dry food in the morning and a quarter or a half of a can of wet food in…

ASKED BY Member 1116253 on 6/18/12
TAGGED food, boredom, hunger, hungry IN Pet Food

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My Bombay only purrs when he's trying to manipulate me... why?

I have a two year old Bombay, whom I adopted when he was only about 9 weeks old. To this day he just doesn't seem to purr out of affection, he will…

ASKED BY Member 1112018 on 5/22/12
TAGGED purring, wheezing, hungry, food, affection, bombay IN Other Health & Wellness


Is there any food that would be safe to eat as much as my cat wants, without making her FAT?

Hi, My cat has been overweight for as long as i remember. When my vet noticed it, he put her on a diet. The diet is definitely helping and the…

ASKED BY njäuks on 7/6/10
TAGGED fat, food, snack, freefeeding, hungry, obese IN Obesity

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