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Will my cat cope well with someone else while I'm away for a few months?

I adopted my domestic shorthair female cat from the rspca and she's an Amazing cat. She's 2 years old and I've only had her for 3 months. We've…

ASKED BY Member 1231414 on 8/8/14
TAGGED holiday, vacation, trauma, change, personality, health, dsh, domestic, shorthair, cat, behaviour, aggression, aggressive, fear, scarred, emotional IN Aggression


I'm bringing my cat to my parent's for 4-5 days and she must be confined to a bedroom, will she become depressed?

She was a bit resistant to being put in the carrier, but she was relatively quiet on the hour long ride home and she even slept for a bit (she's a…

ASKED BY Chetta on 12/23/13
TAGGED holiday, traveling IN Other Travel & Recreation

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Our kittens will be 12/13 weeks old when we go on summer holiday, will they still be young and small enough to take with?

We don't want to leave them with a sitter but we also want what will be safest, make them the happiest! We're planning on keeping them indoors while…

ASKED BY Member 1193551 on 10/8/13
TAGGED kittens, travel, summerholiday IN Car Travel


How can I prevent my kitten from eating pine needles?

Obviously tell me something besides "sweep it up" please. What can happen if he does eat them? And what steps can I take to prevent them?

ASKED BY Chubs on 11/24/12
TAGGED christmas, tree, kitten, pineneedles, holidays, prevention, swallowing IN Swallowing Foreign Objects


Is Catster doing something for the Holidays? Like stroll or something?

Is Catster going to do something for the Holidays? Like another Holiday Stroll or something? I hope so! The last one was FUN! =D

ASKED BY Belle on 11/24/12
TAGGED holidays, christmas IN The Catster Website


How do I teach my kitten the difference between toys and holiday decorations?

I am big on decorating for the holidays beginning in October. Having just acquired our kitten we are unsure of what to do about our decorations. Any…

ASKED BY Skitty on 10/6/11
TAGGED toys, holiday, training IN Methods of Training

 Pigeon -  misses you! :(

Will Catser be having Thanksgiving Zealies?

does anyone know fur sure if Catser will be having Thanksgiving Zealies, turkeys, horns of plenty, family members, drum sticks, etc...? I only have…

ASKED BY Pigeon - misses you! :( on 11/3/09
TAGGED holidays, thanksgiving, zealies IN The Catster Website

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My kitten will be alone for six days. I can only ask a friend to check on him once. Will he be OK?

My kitten has been on a diet of wet food in the morning and evening, and dry food for snacks. He prefers the dry food, so we will cut out the wet food…

ASKED BY Member 780564 on 12/16/08
TAGGED holidays, leaving, kitten, days IN Separation Anxiety

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