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Ways to help my cat be less scared of being touched?

I've had my second cat since Halloween, we assume she wasn't socialized as a kitten(we think she's about one) because she's very scared of being…

ASKED BY Cow Girl on 2/1/15
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Have a 2 yr. old male cat who aggravates our 5 yr old female cat(who was here first). We found him on our front porch. H?

He was a kitten when we found him and has lived here 2 years.

ASKED BY Member 1179738 on 7/11/13
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Cat Bites, hisses and runs away from me, swats draws blood, etc?

My cat is somewhat antisocial, and lately whenever I try to go pet her or pick her up she hisses and growls, swats at me, whenever I talk to her she…

ASKED BY Member 1055427 on 9/12/11
TAGGED claws, bites, hisses, runs, mean IN Aggression