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Why is my cat always running away from me? What can I do to get her back to her sweet loving self?

She has always been a little skittish due to being a feral kitten. I've had her since she was 8wks old & now she is 10. She would run away when…

ASKED BY Member 1222148 6 days, 17 hours ago
TAGGED hiding, trauma, runningaway IN Fears & Phobias

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Adopted 3 year old cat ALWAYS hides?

Hello! This is my first time on this website. I have a 3 year old tortoiseshell calico mix. Her previous owner was neglectful, wouldn't come…

ASKED BY Member 1215586 on 3/12/14
TAGGED hiding, moving, adoption, neglect IN Behavior & Training

Bezalel Tiger

Scaredy cat with new small dog?

I took Bezal in when she was found abandoned at three weeks. She's a little 'slower' than the others, but very sweet. I have always wanted a dog but…

ASKED BY Bezalel Tiger on 1/7/14
TAGGED scaredcat, newdog, adjustmentprocess, hidingcat IN Bringing Your Pet Home

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My cat jellybean got into an accident about 4 months ago. Stays in her cat condo all day and doesn't get out at all?

My cat jellybean got into an accident about 4 months ago. Her hips were fractured and her left hind leg is semi paralysed due to a nerve damaged…

ASKED BY Member 1199807 on 11/17/13
TAGGED injured, hiding, introvert IN Health & Wellness


Should I just take off my cat's collar?

I bought my 3 year old, indoor-only rescue cat a breakaway collar with a bell yesterday. When I first put it on, I left it quite loose, and he…

ASKED BY Thomas on 10/25/13
TAGGED collars, newcollar, hiding, stress IN Behavior & Training

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Hiding Kitty, Please help?

Hello, my kitten has been hiding behind the sink for about a day, and I couldnt be able to reach for her. We just moved into our new house this…

ASKED BY Member 1182776 on 7/28/13
TAGGED hiding IN Behavior & Training

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