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Its been 5 weeks but still unable to pet the new cat?

My elderly friend was given a two year old cat because her owner was moving away. The previous owner got her as a 4 week old kitten. It's been…

ASKED BY Member 1229005 on 8/25/14
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My cats weird behavior after a play date with a kitten. HELP?

I have an 11 month old silver tabby and my boyfriend just got a new kitten who is about 2 months old. He brought his kitten over to play with mine and…

ASKED BY Member 1182000 on 7/23/13
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Female cat had female organs removed but the vet left a small part in which causes he to go into heat. afterwards she be?

she is about four years old and has been in good health except this time after being in heat she just hides and like i said she is really a friendly…

ASKED BY Member 1040869 on 7/14/11
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My 1 1/2 yr old manx is so deathly afraid of people. Hides for days w/ guests over. How can I break her of this?

the cat is very affectionate in her own way by bumping her head against you as you pet her, she seems very shy though. My other manx has always…

ASKED BY Member 915995 on 11/11/09
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I have an 11 year old male cat, he will not eat or use the bathroom. He has been doing this for a week now, I took him t?

He is an 11 year old feline, he has not ate or used the bathroom in a week now, he stay's hidden, and I'm desperate for answer's, please help!

ASKED BY Member 735459 on 9/13/08
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