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Backpack to carry a cat around - is it safe?

I have seen these little doggie backpacks where there are little holes for the paws and tail, and the head sticks out at the top, and you can carry…

ASKED BY Member 1198149 on 1/19/14
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My cat has been breathing heavily through her nose... she also starts to have extreme cough attacks?

For about 3 weeks she has been breathing very heavily through her nose and almost sounds congested. And about like 4-5 times a day has these extreme…

ASKED BY Member 1131267 on 9/17/12
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My two daughters are getting a little bit chubby?

They both are sisters of 3 1/2 years old, they are always active in the mornings, no running or jumping much though, however 85% of their time is…

ASKED BY Gris,Kira&Lucy on 7/1/10
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My cat is breathing heavy in a very strange way and every now and then has his mouth open. What's wrong?

He also coughs sometimes.Sometimes between coughs he seems to swollow something. I've only had him for 5 months. I thought this might be…

ASKED BY Member 899571 on 10/10/09
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My 10 yr old cat has become lethargic, stopped eating, barely drinking and a little wobbly?

My cat has always been fat, but over the last year she went from 14 pounds to 8 pounds. About 3 days ago my cat started getting sick. Now she…

ASKED BY Mooney (In loving Memory) on 8/15/08
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