Can my 17 yr old, great health except" be allergic to her own bacteria? If it's hours old on chow? Never an issue till t?

She vomits both digested and undigested food, irregular timing. Anomaly all the way so far. Help

ASKED BY Shadow on 1/4/16
TAGGED vomit, health, toys, birds, allergies IN Adoption & Rescue

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Safe, inexpensive foods for stray female?

My parents are stingy and don't like animals. I've started feeding a lone stray that's lived below our apartment for years. I give her leftover…

ASKED BY Member 1248954 on 7/6/15
TAGGED stray, food, health IN Senior Pet

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My 2 months kitten woke up with his left eye watery, and then it became red?

My 2 months kitten woke up this morning with his left eye red and watery I made some research and I thing it's something called pinkeye is it like…

ASKED BY Member 1247408 on 6/8/15
TAGGED kitten, health, eye, watery, redness IN Skin Problems

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Short survey on cat healthcare and litter box?

Hi all, need your kind help with filling out a short survey for cat owners, your feedback is important. I am an MA student in entrepreneurship program…

ASKED BY Member 1247403 on 5/31/15
TAGGED healthcare, litterbox IN Health & Wellness

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I think that my kitten has worms and I am worried about him transfering them to my other cats they all use same boxes?

I have seen the white short to long worms in his stool and around his tail, I worried cause he jumps and climbs on everything all the time, he is 6-7…

ASKED BY Member 1243583 on 3/10/15
TAGGED kitten, health, worms IN Worms & Parasites

Miss kitty

Should my older cat get shots? can she even get them?

MY grandma and grandpa gave me a cat around 04 or 05, they found her in the woods and never took her to the vet. Should i take her to the vet to get…

ASKED BY Miss kitty on 12/27/14
TAGGED shots, older, health, vet, death IN Health & Wellness

Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory

My Cat developed a blood clot in his right back leg which he is dragging?

Vet said there is nothing we can do and I am so afraid since the vet said he could have another clot after he gets through this one and chances were…

ASKED BY Sydney Romeo (in Loving Memory on 12/26/14
TAGGED emergency, health, illness, bloodclots IN Illness & Disease

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Cats skin peeling away?

my cat recently got liver infection due to severe dehydration after 2 months,while he was still recovering, he was attacked by cats and he hid in a…

ASKED BY Member 1234845 on 11/15/14
TAGGED health IN Health & Wellness

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