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Why does my cat pull out her fur on her tummy and on both lower legs? She has bad poops and I have no money to go to vet?

I know that many people have answered these kinds of questions before. Firsts I'd like to say that my cat doesn't have worms. We have already had that…

ASKED BY Member 1145917 on 12/19/12
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We have a 3 yr old spay female cat who is peeing in weird places since we brought our dog home 2 ys ago. NO UTI?

We have a 3 year old spayed female cat who was perfect UNTIL we brought an 8 wk old puppy home two years ago. Since then, Emer kitty has decided…

ASKED BY Member 1100959 on 3/20/12
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Ok Cat family, I need suggestions. Our vet said she would outgrow the behavior but..We have a 3 year old spayed female c?

she's 3 she's spayed vet says she's healthy we have two other cats that she gets along just fine with two cat boxes available at all times

ASKED BY Member 1100959 on 3/19/12
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I have a cat we have just brought home its brother from the same shop but instead of liking each other the old cat hates?

last month i went 2 a pet shop there was 2 brother cats i bought the youngest i now i went to the shop again and bought the brother of my cat i…

ASKED BY Member 1016459 on 12/22/10
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Why does my cat dislike me but carry around my stuffed toys?

Hello, nice to have found this place. I desperately need to ask about the behavior of one of my cats. First I will tell you about them. I have 2…

ASKED BY Meow Meow on 7/17/10
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I am a 16 month old bengal with separation anxiety?

Jasmine hates to be alone. And that includes being out of sight of us, or her 'sister' an 18 month old abyssinian. As soon as we are out of sight…

ASKED BY Jasmine on 9/21/09
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