Why is my cat being so unhappy and mean lately?

I got my kitty a few days ago this week, when I found him among his brother and sister at a friends house. He liked me most out of all the kittens, so…

ASKED BY Patch on 9/7/13
TAGGED mean, attacking, unhappy IN Aggression


Should I keep my cat as a single cat?

I adopted Cleo as a 15 month old about 5 months ago. Her and I were very close, she spent all of her time following me around and I gave her so much…

ASKED BY Cleo on 7/6/13
TAGGED singlecat, twocats, happy IN Behavior & Training

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What do most people think about Nekoflies? The cat toy?

I was just wondering if anyone has tried Neko Flies the cat toy. What do you think of this product for your cats?

ASKED BY Member 1154166 on 2/7/13
TAGGED cattoys, toys, happycats, productreview, products, exercise IN Toys

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Why is my cat screeching in pain when put down?

My cat (short haired domestic) was lost for 2 days and ended up coming back, without knowing about her injury my family was scared of her because…

ASKED BY Member 1137105 on 10/22/12
TAGGED brokentail, screaming, crying, cutecat, unhappy IN Health & Wellness

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My in door/out door cat runs away from the house to go live at a neighbor's house. He doesn't want to stay here anymore?

I went on vacation for a week and left my cat and house in the care of my grandfather who stayed to watch both of them while we were gone. A couple…

ASKED BY Member 1123805 on 8/2/12
TAGGED runningaway, home, unhappy IN Socialization

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How do I give my scaredy cat a break from her brother and sister?

I have 3 cats. Pepe (5years, male), Mitzy (5 years, female), and Alice (1 year, female). I adopted all of them when they were kittens. They have…

ASKED BY Member 1115487 on 6/13/12
TAGGED timid, hiding, unhappy IN Fears & Phobias

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Is feeding a cat only lean meats healthy? I'm on limited income but want to do my best with her. Any suggestions?

I am on a limited income but I still want to do right by my animals. I've been reading that raw diet is best for cats and dogs and I myself tend to…

ASKED BY Member 1034234 on 5/18/11
TAGGED happyhealthykittyonlimitedfoodbudget IN Homemade Food

Trent (Angel)

Cat in the bed?

It really means the world to me when my Trent shares my bed! He used to go outside and play all night, running and chasing, but lately (possibly…

ASKED BY Trent (Angel) on 3/11/11
TAGGED cat, bed, cuddle, purr, love, happy, cute IN Behavior & Training

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