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Uncontrollableble Hair Balls?

Hello! I have 2 cats (about 3 years old) they're domestic shorthairs. They both are crazy, loveable, energetic cats; however, one has major…

ASKED BY Member 1214794 on 3/7/14
TAGGED hairball, regurgitation, vomit IN Shedding

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My cat has fleas which won't go, and I have used recommended shoes to stop him scratching which made his feet swell help?

My cat has fleas which I cannot get rid of. I have tried everything and they will not go. I am assuming he is allergic as he has lost all fur on his…

ASKED BY Member 1201297 on 11/25/13
TAGGED cat, fleas, swollenfeet, blood, hairloss, wounds, excessivegrooming, constantscratching, pleasehelp IN Health & Wellness

Don Piano

Anybody know what kind of kitty this is?

We adopted this beauty almost a year ago (he is now 1 year old). People that see him have all kinds of reactions: "Oh, you have a Maine Coon??" or "Is…

ASKED BY Don Piano on 11/8/13
TAGGED breed, mix, cat, kitten, longhair IN Breeds


Shouldn't Yuki already be in heat?

Yuki is already 7 months old, nearly 8 and she should be going into heat soon, right? I've seen kittens as young as 4 or 5 months go into heat but…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/31/13
TAGGED heat, kittens, months, breeding, breed, breeds, care, male, female, kitten, cat, british, shorthair IN Health & Safety

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My cat holds my hair in his mouth?

I got my 2 cats (they are br I others) at 8 weeks old. One cat Zim, immediately started pawing & nestling in my hair. I would always remove him and…

ASKED BY Member 1195744 on 10/23/13
TAGGED humanhair, behavior, wierd IN Other Behavior & Training

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Hair stuck in cat's anus…

Hi, here is thing, there is a piece of human hair stuck in my cat's anus, for a few hours now. I immediately called the vet when it came out with…

ASKED BY Member 1073610 on 10/5/13
TAGGED cathairstuck IN Other Health & Wellness


Breeding at 6 months?

Hi. My british shorthair kitten Yuki has finally reached the age of six months and we want to breed her. We found a future mate but he needs to be…

ASKED BY Yuki on 10/5/13
TAGGED breeding, male, female, neuter, help, labour, kittens, cats, yuki, six, months, british, shorthair, outdoors, indoors IN Health & Safety

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